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What is the Safest Environment for Brand Advertisers?

Posted May 8, 2018

When it comes to advertising, brands can be wary with where they choose to invest. With their reputations on the line and a large amount of fraudulent traffic out there, it comes as no surprise. So what is the safest environment for brand advertisers? Where can they achieve visibility while simultaneously reaching targeted audiences? Two words: mobile games.

With the launch of the App Store in July 2008 and mobile games going mainstream, the course of advertising has changed for the better. Mobile games bring a new level of portable engagement into the digital world and have quickly expanded to offer every genre to suit every user’s tastes, no matter their age, gender, or interests. From casino and trivia games to action, adventure, and racing, mobile games come in all shapes and sizes.

According to eMarketer, the number of mobile gamers is set to increase from 141.9 million in 2018 to 155.9 million by 2022. As people are realizing the huge opportunities that can come from advertising in mobile games, more and more brand advertisers are embracing the medium.

Gone are the days of the “typical mobile gamer.” Gamers are actually one of the most diverse groups out there, and they don’t just have one preference when it comes to games. A user that enjoys role-playing games may also enjoy arcade or educational games. What makes gamers so unique, is that they don’t fall into specifically-defined categories, but rather span across several genres. By tapping into this audience as a whole, brands can gain huge awareness.

On top of that, gameplay requires active participation from users, making them fully engaged when there’s an advertisement. User-initiated (or rewarded) advertising, for one, is an excellent example, not only because 81% of mobile gamers prefer it, but because there’s a value exchange that adds to the gaming experience. The content is handed to consumers by choice and isn’t forced upon them mid-session. Because users are already engaged in the game, they’re more likely to watch and interact with the ad from beginning to end.

Since initiating the ad is their choice, they’re also more likely to have a positive experience and remember the brand in this positive light. More engagement plus long in-app sessions make advertising in mobile games a must.

Mobile video ads are another great option when driving brand awareness. According to eMarketer, 47% of users say that mobile video ads increase brand awareness and 34% say it creates better engagement and interaction. Another 31% said that mobile video ads are suited to mobile consumption behaviors, making a more enjoyable experience for the user, rather than creating an interruption. Combining the benefits of mobile video ads with the opportunities in mobile games can mean huge success for brands everywhere.

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