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FIFA World Cup & Digital Ad Spending

Posted Jul 10, 2018

Every four years, soccer fans across the globe gather together to watch the FIFA World Cup. Alarms are set earlier and schedules are rearranged to make sure no single moment is missed in the biggest sports celebrations in the world. This week, we’ll watch France and Belgium, along with Croatia and England, go head-to-head, with the winner from each game moving forward for the final this Sunday!

This year’s game is hosted in Russia, and is the first “digital cup,” where viewers can watch the game live through their smartphones and even in VR. Media players now have to compete to capture viewers’ attention, with multiscreen content consumption becoming the new norm. However, this does pose a unique opportunity for advertisers and brands to connect with their audience, which is actively engaged on multiple devices.

Even though no Latin American teams remain in the World Cup (a rarity!) the market is a booming one for digital ads, and the World Cup is no exception. In fact, 38% of sports fans in Latin America discover new brands and products through ads seen online.

Argentina is Latin America’s 3rd largest economy and 2nd biggest ad market after Brazil. Digital ad spending in Argentina this year accounts for $1.63 billion – that’s 26% of the total media ad spend in the country! Digital ad spending in the region increased from $1.22 billion last year and is estimated to reach $2.55 billion by 2022, which would make digital 32.4% of the country’s total ad market.

Looking specifically at mobile, ad spending through this channel accounts for half of the total digital ad spend in Argentina. It has grown from $399.5 million to $779.1 million since last year, and will reach $1,925.1 million by 2022. Increased mobile adoption means that mobile will soon be the leading growth driver for overall ad spend in the country. Mobile ad spending in the region is expected to grow by 95% this year, making the country the fastest-growing mobile market in all of Latin America!

As a result, brands are seeking the benefits of mobile advertising, which gives them the opportunity to target their audience more effectively, track and analyze user data, and optimize future campaigns. Mobile allows for larger-scale reach and more assertive segmentation of campaigns.

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