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Elevate & Activate with SDK 3.3.5

Posted Aug 17, 2018

The AdColony 3.3.5 SDK is now available for download! With improved functionality and added flexibility (not to mention more stable than ever), this version makes it even easier for publishers both gaming and non-gaming to monetize with brand and performance advertisers. What makes this SDK better than ever? Check out some of the changes and new features below!

New Features

  • Open-Sourced Unity Plugin — The Unity plugin is now officially open-sourced, allowing even more transparency to our developers! Easily incorporate your own fixes before public releases and advance at a faster rate, with a larger community to work with. Stay tuned for more open-sourced plugins coming soon!
  • Calendar Permission Removal — You asked, we made it happen. You don’t like to overwhelm your users with permission requests or invade their privacy, and neither do we. Based on that feedback, we decided to remove the calendar permission request for good.
  • Adaptive Caching/Real Time Advertising (AC/RTA) — With AC and RTA functionality rolling out across our network, users will be able to see all of the high-quality ads we’re known for, no matter their connection type.

So what are you waiting for? Elevate your monetization game and activate the new features today!

About the 3.3.5 SDK
The latest version of the AdColony SDK offers numerous improvements, including the newly open-sourced unity plugin, AC/RTA feature, and more. Learn more about the SDK and visit the AdColony Github to integrate today.

Reach out to your account manager or our support team if you have any questions!


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