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Mobile In-App Ad Monetization Performance Index

Posted Dec 5, 2018

As more mobile app publishers and developers incorporate ads, the need for transparency continues to increase. In an effort to equip industry leaders with better insights to make better business decisions, the trusted ad mediation platform, Appodeal, released its second iteration of the Mobile In-App Ad Monetization Performance Index — a very helpful tool for anyone in the trade.

This report analyzes over 51 billion impressions in five different markets — the United States, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, East Asia, and South America. It’s based on performance data from more than 60 ad demand sources and 33,000 apps! Now that’s a lot of reporting.

This is the second annual Appodeal Performance Index, with an analysis that points to various ad formats and ad demand sources that should be prioritized. In other words, the report is a cheat sheet for publishers and developers looking to generate more income with ads.

From rewarded video to interstitials and banners, this report organizes monetization trends and findings by region. In the U.S., rewarded video has proved to be an effective and growing ad format, with eCPMs increasing significantly to an average of $12.01 on Android and $13.75 on iOS across all apps. That’s a 38% increase on Android and a 52% increase on iOS! In this monetization power ranking, AdColony placed within the top 10 networks — #6 on Android and #7 on iOS.

Looking at interstitials, eCPMs increased slightly, maintaining an average of $5.24 on Android and $8.55 on iOS across all apps. The networks with higher fill-rates and eCPMS made it to the top 13 within the monetization power ranking. AdColony placed at #10!

“We’re pleased to be ranked so frequently well across different formats, integration types, and regions,” said David Pokress, our EVP of Publishing & Account Management. “It speaks volumes on our commitment to publishers and user experience no matter where in the world a developer or user might be, or what format they’re interested in.”

“We’re very excited to see how the growth of advanced mediation in the industry benefits publishers, and have partnered with Fyber, MoPub, and AdMob on their solutions to solve the inherent flaws in mediation and deliver a solution that really gives developers the monetization results their hard work deserves.”

This report is filled with tons of useful information, but don’t just take our word for it. Download the Performance Index now!

About the Appodeal Performance Index
Appodeal’s Mobile In-App Ad Monetization Performance Index analyzes over 51 billion impressions in five different regional markets. It provides insights to monetize smarter with in-app mobile advertising and points to how different ad formats and ad demand sources should be prioritized.

About Appodeal
Appodeal offers an ad mediation platform that is 100% unbiased. They are able to evaluate the performance of their 60+ ad demand partners from a neutral point of view to make this index possible.

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