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Mobile Monday: Google’s AdMob Adds More Ad Platforms & The Consumer Data Trade-Off

Posted Dec 17, 2018

It may be the end of the year, but things are ramping up for real-time bidding (RTB) and advanced mediation solutions. Last Friday, Google announced a slew of new advertisers to its RTB open–bidding solution and highlighted AdColony’s position as one of the initial beta partners in the effort. This Monday we’re also going to take a look at people’s sentiments around sharing some of their consumer data with their favorite brands.

Google RTBAdMob’s Ad Mediation Adds Additional Ad Platforms and Networks for App Developers
Now say that header three times fast! In addition to OpenX, Index Exchange, Smaato, Tapjoy, and AdColony, Google last week announced that their AdMob RTB solution beta now supports Facebook Audience Network, AppLovin, and Rubicon Project as part of the ongoing beta. AdColony has been a part of the program’s beta for some time, and we’re excited to welcome other industry partners to the fold, offering developers even more opportunities to optimize their monetization solutions.

“AdColony is excited to join forces with Google to move the app monetization ecosystem forward with Open Bidding,” said David Pokress, our EVP of publishing & account management, “AdMob’s scale of advertiser demand and ease of integration provides a tremendous opportunity for app developers to drive more revenue and operational efficiency.”

AdColony has been a long-time advocate for fair auction practices in the ad mediation space. Earlier this year, we joined with Fyber on their advanced mediation platform as well. Having to explain to a publisher than you had an advertiser willing to pay twice what they’re currently earning for an impression in their app, but it wasn’t served because of inherent weaknesses in the traditional waterfall approach to mediation is never a fun conversation. Advanced mediation, and in particular RTB solutions, solve that problem, giving developers higher revenue per impression and letting advertisers reach the audiences they want to reach.

Consumers, Trust, Brands, and Privacy
When it comes to earning and leveraging consumers’ trust, one surefire way to keep the relationship positive is to avoid asking for information that the average person-on-the-street considers “highly personal,” such as emails or phone numbers, according to a new survey from Janrain, a customer identity and access management (CIAM) firm.

After polling of 1,000 UK adults, Janrain found consumers are only willing to share their personal information if they feel that doing so benefits them. Just 18% would share “personal data” with businesses, while 25% said that they wouldn’t want businesses to know their viewing habits even though viewing habits form the core of the cookie-based ad solutions across desktop and mobile web. Over 52% of respondents, however, said they would allow a brand to use their consumer data if there was something in it for them!

Consumer Data

Unsurprisingly given recent news, Google and Facebook are among the least trusted Internet companies compared to pharmaceutical and travel companies which survey respondents place more trust in. This could be a factor of awareness though, as Google and Facebook are also the companies that consumers tend to use for website login and indeed their email addresses themselves.

“Our survey is incredibly good news for brands that take the personal data privacy and security of their customers seriously,” explained Jim Kaskade, Janrain’s CEO. “Despite high-profile missteps and outright failures in the way brands have approached data privacy and security, consumers are very open to a consent-driven relationship with brands, which will go a long way toward solidifying trust for stronger, longer-term relationships.”

Bring on 2019
This will be our last Mobile Monday for 2018! We’ll see everyone bright and fresh on January 7th! Don’t worry though, there’s still more content coming later this week!

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