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Mobile Monday: App Monetization & Changing Consumer Needs

Posted Jan 7, 2019

A new year means new opportunities to grow and new trends to look out for. As mentioned in Mobile Marketing, our very own David Pokress shares 5 ways mobile app monetization will change in 2019. But that’s not all. We’ve got you covered with the ultimate SDK guide from AppSee and additional insights on consumer wants and needs.

5 Ways Mobile App Monetization Will Change in 2019
The number of mobile gamers is only set to grow in the coming years. With that, mobile app creators need to shift their strategies to continue monetizing efficiently. With mobile ads becoming 100% culturally “accepted,” users expect to see ads and are more willing to engage with them. As a result, rewarded video will grow, since users are looking for a decent value exchange.

Certain apps like Fortnite are IAP-only. But these are just small exceptions, and shouldn’t be looked at as the rule in advertising. Focus should be placed instead on maximizing the lifetime value of acquired users. With lots of app companies looking to build a larger user base, competition is also set to increase.

Read more about these 5 changes here!

The Ultimate SDK Guide for Mobile Apps
AppSee just released the 2019 edition of their Ultimate SDK Guide for developers, product managers, UX/UI designers, and marketers alike. This guide helps anyone working on a mobile app find the best SDKs to help their business grow.

AdColony is thrilled to be listed as one of the top SDKs in the Monetization/Advertising category. This category recognizes high-quality SDKs that have large traffic demand in addition to ad mediation tools. Check out the full ranking details here!

Changing Consumer Needs
A recent survey by Sprout Social revealed a change in what consumers look for in brands. Of course a relevant and clear message is key, but more and more consumers are looking for brands who are actively trying to make a difference in the world.

Brands that weigh in on social or political issues and are more culturally connected are seen to be more relevant. Consumers are looking for brands to convey their passionate beliefs, not just in their products, but also in their marketing efforts.

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