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Mobile Monday 5-4 Pubmatic and In-App Header

Mobile Monday: PubMatic’s OpenBid Launch & In-App Ads Inherent Safety

Posted Mar 3, 2019

It’s a big week for advertisers and publishers alike when it comes to joining of programmatic and in-app. Pubmatic is bringing more programmatic demand than ever to publishers who want to tap into multiple demand sources, and studies show that in-app ads are simply better when it comes to being naturally more resistant to ad fraud. Need more details? It’s Mobile Monday, time to take a look.

Programmatic for Publishers, via Pubmatic
PubmaticRecently, Pubmatic the publisher-focused programmatic SSP announced the launch of OpenBid, a programmatic-first solution that enables app developers to access and monetize the wide swathe of programmatic ads out there. According to Pubmatic, OpenBid offers developers the full potential of the growing programmatic opportunity. PubMatic leveraged its strategic relationships across demand sources to provide app developers with access to a larger swathe of programmatic demand than has been available before. Pubmatic’s expertise in header bidding innovation and advanced programmatic direct deal models delivers the efficiency and performance of unified auctions in a single SDK.

And of course, AdColony is pleased to be one of the launch partners.

“PubMatic is a leader in the programmatic space, and we’re looking forward to their offering opening up more optimized ad demand for developers and supply inventory for advertisers seeking to reach targeted, engaged, responsive audiences in mobile games and apps,” said Matt Barash, our VP of Strategy & Business Development. “We’re excited to partner with PubMatic, as we continue to offer innovative solutions for monetizing app publishers and developers.”

The Inherent Safety of In-App Advertising
This may not come as a surprise to those familiar with our record on viewability and brand safety, but according to a report from Protected Media, in-app advertising is subject to far fewer fraudulent attempts than digital ads being placed on mobile web. According to the full report, during the second half of 2018, in-app advertising experienced 25 percent fewer fraudulent attempts than mobile web. The study by Protected Media analyzed 40 billion impressions across 10 mobile DSPs and exchanges. Fraud involving bots and viruses designed to simulate human users simply occurred less than on mobile web.

Digital Stats“With the continued rise of in-app advertising, it’s great to see that attempted fraud levels are significantly lower than mobile web. Mobile traffic opens up remarkable opportunities for programmatic buying, but with the opportunities, there are also risks,” said Asaf Greiner, CEO of Protected Media. “Our sophisticated cybersecurity detection methods and savvy technical teams are working hard to create safer advertising marketplaces for the industry.”

Mobile ad networks and partners are also at the forefront of the war on digital ads, with groups like the Coalition Against Ad Fraud, and the IAB’s Open Measurement SDK giving in-app another edge when it comes to fighting fraud.

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