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Getting Ready for Holiday Shopping with Mobile Devices

Posted Oct 17, 2019

Fall has just started but before you know it, the holidays will be here. Preparing for the holiday season can be stressful especially when it comes to expenses. Savvy buyers are looking for deals by shopping early and researching for the best prices. With tons of retailers at their fingertips, consumers are relying more and more on their smartphones to ease their holiday shopping woes.

AdColony’s Holiday Shopping Survey reveals consumers’ habits and preferences for holiday shopping and how they’re using mobile devices to shop online and in-store. The survey was distributed globally and garnered over 1,300 responses with this report focusing on results specifically from North America. As the second edition, the 2019 study provides insights on consumer behavior pertaining to holiday shopping and how it has changed since the previous year.

Highlights from the Study

  • Smartphones are becoming more and more essential for holiday shopping. — Consumers who use their smartphones to make online purchases has gone up 8% since last year. Additionally, 45% of survey respondents use their mobile devices to shop all of the time compared to a desktop.
  • Consumers are not just buying for themselves on mobile devices, they’re also buying gifts for loved ones. A vast majority of consumers (81%) said they have purchased gifts on their mobile device.
  • Mobile is considered just as secure as desktop. — Compared to last year’s results, more consumers (+2%) believe mobile shopping to be more secure than desktop but, there is still a lot of room to grow.
  • Clothes and home goods are the most frequently purchased items on mobile devices. — Buyers purchases various types of items on mobile including books, event tickets, and travel. Clothes (43%) and home goods (20%) lead the other types by significant margins. 
  • Most people don’t buy from ads, but they’re open to it — More than half of respondents claim that they have never purchased something on their mobile device directly from an ad. However, 71% stated that they would if the product was relevant to them. With the right creative and targeting, brands could use mobile ads to convert ad viewers into customers.  
  • Shoppers will still buy online even if they visit a store. — Even if a consumer visits a store, they will purchase online if they find a cheaper price or need a different size or color of the item.
  • Holiday shoppers use their mobile devices in-store to find the best deals. — A majority of respondents (61%) think it’s important to have a mobile device while shopping in-store. Consumers use their phones in various ways but the most common are to research competitor prices (55%) and to receive a discount to use at the store (46%).

Check out the infographic below for more great insights and click here to download the full report! Don’t forget to click on the infographic to open it full size!

Holiday Shopping Survey 2019 - NA - Infographic

About the Study
The AdColony Holiday Shopping Survey was distributed globally, however, this article dives into the results specifically from the U.S. and Canada. The North American version of the survey garnered several hundred responses from consumers ranging from 14 years old to over 75. It asked participants 16 questions about their shopping behaviors and preferences, and how their mobile device plays a role in the buying process.

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