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Mobile Monday: Gen Z’s Mobile Gaming Behavior, Apple Revenue Reaches $64B in Q4

Posted Nov 4, 2019

Generation Z has become the largest generation globally, giving them major spending power that will only increase as they get more disposable income. The digitally native age group is still developing their brand preferences and spending habits so companies need to start fostering brand loyalty and maximizing customer lifetime value. App Annie’s recent report shares Gen Z’s behavior in mobile games and how apps can reach this generation. Meanwhile, services help Apple reach its highest Q4 revenue ever. All this and more in this week’s Mobile Monday! 

Gen Z’s Mobile Gaming Behavior Varies Across Regions
According to App Annie’s How to Win Gen Z report, the age group spends less time and had fewer sessions than older generations in mobile games. In H1 2019, users aged 25 and older spent 30% longer in their favorite games, and access them 20% more frequently. That is not to say that Gen Z does not enjoy their time with games. They spent an average of 6+ hours per month while older groups spend 8+ hours. Gen Z might be hesitant to spend money on in-app purchases so publishers should consider placing rewarded video ads in their apps to better capture this audience.

Gamers in Japan had the highest engagement of all the countries analyzed in App Annie’s report which included South Korea, the United States, and the United Kingdom. They spent twice the amount of time and had 80% more sessions than the global averages. Hardcore and mid-core games are popular in this region and take more time to master than casual games, resulting in longer session times. Publishers can spark growth in this mature market by updating their games with new and innovative content and offering rewards to their most engaged users. For markets that need increased engagement, developers could offer bonus lives to lengthen sessions.

Apple Reports A New Fourth Quarter Record for Earnings
Apple revealed its fourth-quarter results with revenue totaling $64 billion, slightly beating sales from Q4 2018. CEO Tim Cook said in a statement that this was the company’s “highest Q4 revenue ever, fueled by accelerating growth from Services, Wearables, and iPad.” After a tumultuous year, this is good news for Apple after having unfavorable results in H1.

Services generated $12.511 billion and posted its own record after jumping 25% from the previous year. While iPad and wearables earnings are also up, revenue from iPhones and Macs are down year-over-year. Apple stopped reporting unit sales for its leading products as numbers have been flat in the past year. As the end of the year approaches, there are high expectations for the brand as it includes holiday sales and more revenue after the recent iPhone launch.

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