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Mobile Monday: Mobile Video Ad Volume Rises 31% in Q3, Gaming Apps Lead Session Time in Japan

Posted Nov 18, 2019

The digital landscape has been shifting to mobile in the past few years so advertisers are also moving. Advertisers have followed audiences who have turned to their smartphones to watch video content. Pubmatic’s recent report revealed that mobile video ad inventory continues to grow and mobile video impressions will soon surpass desktop. Meanwhile, smartphone users in Japan are spending the most time in mobile games over other apps. Read all about it in this week’s Mobile Monday!

Mobile Video is the Fastest-growing Ad Format
In Pubmatic’s Quarterly Mobile Index report, data through the company’s platform revealed key trends for Q3 2019. Mobile video continues to be the fastest-growing ad format with overall mobile ad volume increasing 23% over the last quarter and specifically, mobile video ad volume rose 31% during that time. As the mobile share of video ad volume grows consistently, it will be expected to surpass desktop by early 2020.

Because of mobile’s double-digit growth, mature markets are developing more advanced programmatic practices that have created more growth among emerging markets. The United States is leading the programmatic wave with mobile ad volume growing 36% in Q3. Mobile platform spending in APAC grew 26% because of the growing number of mobile users. In 2018, more than 90% of all mobile video ads were transacted programmatically. The continued rise of mobile phone video viewers will be the key to programmatic expansion.

Games Dominate Time Spent in Apps for Japanese Users
Adjust and Liftoff partnered to create the 2019 Japan Mobile App Engagement Report to give mobile app marketers the latest trends in Japan. In their annual report, the companies break down app session data to show that Gaming dominates the amount of time spent in apps. Data analyzed over a 30 day period revealed that users in Japan spend an average of 2.82 sessions per day in mobile games. Additionally, these sessions last an average of 23.18 minutes, more than two times the averages of other verticals including social and entertainment. 

According to the report, Japanese mobile gamers are the industry’s biggest spenders. However, publishers looking to capture their business might need to upgrade their marketing strategies. There are significant drops in engagement rates at both mid-funnel (Registration) and deep-funnel (In-App Purchase) stages. Furthermore, it costs $5.16 to acquire a user for a mobile game, but avid gamers’ long-term loyalty could lead to a big payoff.

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