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Mobile Monday: GameAnalytics Launches Mobile Insights Platform, Top 1% of App Publishers Drive 80% of Downloads

Posted Nov 25, 2019

When it comes to long-term success, app publishers rely on having excellent resources to create data-driven strategies. Companies like GameAnalytics and Sensor Tower continue to offer valuable insights regarding the mobile app industry. GameAnalytics recently launched a mobile insights platform that will show aggregated performance data from the top mobile games. Meanwhile, Sensor Tower’s latest data says the top 1% of app publishers are responsible for a staggering majority of downloads and revenue. Learn all about it in this week’s Mobile Monday!

Benchmarks+ Provides Real-World Performance Data on Mobile Games
GameAnalytics has launched a new intelligence platform named Benchmarks+, which shows real-world, aggregated performance data from mobile games. Gaming companies will be able to track benchmarks across metrics like retention, engagement, and monetization. Additionally, users can view the top 5%, 10%, and 20% of games to compare their games to the top performers in different percentiles.

Benchmarks+ will draw data from every game across GameAnalytics’ network which includes more than 87,000 mobile games, 1.2 billion monthly active players and 16 billion monthly sessions. Data will be anonymized so companies don’t have to worry about competitors knowing their download and revenue numbers. CEO Ioana Hreninciuc said in a statement, “This tool is a must-have for anyone from a small indie team seeking financial backing to major publishers, investors and analysts looking to make decisions that are truly data-driven.”

Top 1% of Publishers Generated 23.6 Billion Downloads
According to new data from Sensor Tower, the top 1% of publishers globally drove an overwhelming 80% of the total 29.6 billion app downloads in Q3 2019. Furthermore, only 20%, or 6 billion, downloads were attributed to the rest of the publishers. The gap widens when looking at revenue. The top 1% of app publishers were responsible for 93% of gross revenue ($20.5 billion) in Q3 2019. Meanwhile, just 7% or all revenue was left over for the 151,056 publishers in the bottom 99%.

Mobile games had a similar breakdown when looking at download numbers specifically from the category. The top 1% of game publishers generated 82% of global mobile game downloads resulting in over 9 billion installs. The remaining 18% totals 2 billion downloads and is split among the remaining 106,920 publishers in the bottom 99%. Furthermore, the top publishers also account for $15.5 billion, or 95% of all revenue. These earnings were dominated by the juggernauts of gaming from East Asian with the highest earners including Tencent, NetEase, and Bandai Namco.

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