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Creative Showcase: SariWangi

Posted May 31, 2020

In this Creative Showcase, we’re looking at SariWangi’s use of AdColony’s Dynamic End Card and precise audience targeting to introduce a new audience to SariWangi tea – millennial mothers in Indonesia.

About the Campaign

In an extension of a 10-year campaign called “Mari Bicara” (“Let’s Talk”), SariWangi aimed to bring Indonesians of different races and social backgrounds together to discuss and embrace diversity over a cup of tea. SariWangi wanted to extend the “Mari Bicara” campaign to a new generation of consumers – specifically millennial mothers. Through a multi-platform campaign in early 2019, mobile ads introduced and reinforced messages distributed through other media, such as TV.

The goal was to imprint and modernize the image of SariWangi as a purpose-led brand. Through these conversations with various high-profile millennial mothers and key online influencers, it sought to educate the public on the importance of open communication to build tolerance and cultural harmony within the community. An opportunity arose when Indonesians began to actively participate in conversations relating to the 2019 presidential election.

How it Worked

Mobile was not only used to reach SariWangi’s target audience but also to provide an interactive element to the overall strategy and to encourage them to participate in the conversation. Mobile videos were customized to be relatable to the respective sub-segment and were served in zero-buffer Instant Play™ HD quality, reducing bounce rates and lag time to capture users’ attention. Through the mobile campaign, these mobile videos were programmatically delivered to the user’s smartphones based on the sub-segment they belong to and achieved a personal, relevant, and compelling appeal for them to join the conversation. 

The Dynamic End Card was delivered in two phases, each with a different approach, during the campaign period. During the first phase in March 2019, the end card was built to encourage users to share a positive message about the election without being taken out of the in-app experience. This was possible with API integration to the website, built into the end card. These messages were then pushed to the website directly from the end card, creating a seamless journey for users to join in the conversation.

During the second phase in April 2019, the end card adopted a different approach during the week of the election. Each message ran through social sentiment analysis, with reference to a list of keywords, to detect if it was positive, negative, or neutral. The algorithm would then fire a message to the user from that class of the sub-segment, encouraging them to celebrate the diversity in the country or to continue to spread positivity.

Why it Worked

The mobile campaign resonated very well with a more vocal and mobile-savvy demographic as the interactive and dynamic elements on mobile brought the idea of having conversations over tea to life. The key to success was using a programmatic approach for the mobile campaign to boost the relevancy of its messages to the respective target sub-segments. The click-through-rate to the website was at 2.51%, higher than the industry benchmark of 0.31%, the highest contributor of page lands from the mobile ad to the website, far ahead of other digital channels. Over 11.8 million video impressions were delivered on mobile. The seamless user journey of the mobile ad unit achieved an engagement rate was 4.07%, higher than the industry benchmark of 3%.

The 2019 presidential election was the event of the year that sparked debates and discussions among Indonesians. The election was the perfect opportunity for SariWangi to amplify its message to millennials on the importance of communicating openly, spreading positivity, and uniting as one nation. The focus on mobile for millennial mothers paid off in terms of the improved market share and penetration in the demographic. The brand gained 10% penetration among millennials in the local tea market, resulting in an overall 400 BPS increase from 41% in December 2018 to 45% in May 2019, illustrating the boost in brand relevance. The campaign led to amazing market share growth in 2019 by 170 BPS from 19.3% in December 2018 to 21% in May 2019, strengthening SariWangi’s message of unity in a diverse culture.

SariWangi’s successful campaign has been recognized by industry organizations including a nomination for MMA Smarties – Indonesia and a highly-commended nomination for The Drum Digital Advertising Awards – APAC.

About SariWangi

SariWangi has been a household brand in Indonesia since 1973 when it brought the concept of a teabag to a country accustomed to loose tea. As a part of Unilever’s family of brands, Sariwangi remains the largest tea brand in Indonesia.

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