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Partner Spotlight: ironSource

Posted Dec 3, 2020

You’ve worked hard to build your app and now it’s time to turn it into a business. Choosing the right growth tools is incredibly important! That’s why we work with trusted partner ironSource, a leading growth platform.

We caught up with Roxanne Cohen and Jasmine Cohen from the product & marketing teams to talk about what ironSource’s offerings bring to the table for mobile publishers and advertisers, including their in-app bidding solution LevelPlay.

What services does ironSource provide to mobile publishers and/or advertisers? 

ironSource is the industry’s leading growth platform. We provide mobile app developers with all the tools they need to turn their apps into successful businesses. That includes a mobile ad network, which was recently ranked the third best ad network for apps and games globally by AppsFlyer, one of the biggest mobile ad mediation platforms, and a robust user acquisition platform. 

We focus on building long-term relationships and provide dedicated, hands-on support. Developers working with us can expect to be the first in the industry to get access to innovative products and features, like our in-app bidding solution LevelPlay, ROAS optimizer, monetization A/B testing tool, and cross promotion bidding solution. Our product roadmap ensures we anticipate shifts in the mobile app industry and fully equip our partners to continue growing their app businesses.

How do your services make life easier for mobile publishers and/or advertisers?

ironSource gives publishers everything they need to succeed in one place – that includes tools for growth, monetization, and optimization, the best possible technical and managerial teams to help out, plus a content-rich knowledge center. 

Our automation solutions make it easier to maximize growth, both in terms of revenue and user acquisition. Our in-app bidding solution LevelPlay maximizes ARPDAU while reducing the need to manually update the waterfall. On the UA side, our ROAS optimizer removes the burden of manually updating bids to automatically optimize campaigns and reach ROAS goals. 

Why is it important for publishers and/or advertisers to utilize services such as yours?

ironSource mediation helps developers turn their apps into businesses. We do that by making it easy to work with multiple ad networks at the same time, to acquire quality users, and profit from the users they already have. ironSource has been helping developers grow their apps for more than ten years, and the combination of quality products, hands-on support, and industry expertise has helped countless developers take their apps from pre-launch to success.

ironSource’s LevelPlay was announced as open for all developers. What does LevelPlay bring to publishers exactly, and how does it help monetize apps across the length and breadth of the publishing ecosystem? 

LevelPlay is ironSource’s in-app bidding solution, which by auctioning off each impression in real time to top ad networks, ensures that developers maximize their revenue by increasing competition from premium demand sources. Recently, we made LevelPlay available for all app developers – meaning there’s no longer any pre-approval process or minimum threshold necessary to get started with bidding. Every single ironSource mediation partner can start bidding from the moment they integrate the SDK, with access to 9 leading bidding demand sources and 3 ad units, including rewarded video, interstitials, and banners. 

How does LevelPlay democratize monetization? 

We believe developers of all sizes should get access to the best technology available. 

In-app bidding technology has generally been open only to select developers who need pre-approval. ironSource was the first mediation platform to democratize access to in-app bidding by allowing any developer to download the SDK and start bidding instantly, and in just a few clicks. 

Are there any specific success stories you think exemplify how LevelPlay and advanced bidding help publishers? 

Since launching LevelPlay, hundreds of our app developer partners have seen success with the solution, both increasing their ARPDAU and also saving time manually optimizing the waterfall. Specifically, our partner East Side Games increased their game Bud Farm’s ARPDAU 60% on Android and 39% after turning on LevelPlay. As they put it, “the important thing for us is that the introduction of LevelPlay actually increased our revenue to varying degrees across each network”. Our partners at Jam City spoke about LevelPlay saving them time and allowing them to shift their focus to the product: “What those teammates are now doing is going back to the game developers and working with our product teams to figure out optimal placements for ads in the games and looking at how users are interacting with our ads.”

What industry trend or development are you most excited about in the near-term, and why?

We’re very excited about in-app bidding picking up steam this past year. Though it seemed like an improbable goal not too long ago, it’s likely that the industry isn’t too far from completing the shift to in-app bidding. The main factors that prevented full adoption of in-app bidding last year – mostly technological constraints – are nearly solved. In fact, we’re seeing an increasingly high amount of ad sources update their tech to support bidding. This, on top of Facebook Audience Network’s recent announcement that it will be a bidding-only network in 2021, is a great vote of confidence in the industry’s ability to complete the shift to a pure bidding model in the near future.

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