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Mobile Campaign Performance

Designing, Tracking, and Evaluating Mobile Campaigns, According to UA Marketers

Posted Jul 19, 2021

In our latest App Install Marketing Survey, publishers and UA marketers provided insights into their current preferred operating system, the utilization of SKAdNetwork, budget spend, inventory post-IDFA, and more. The survey also revealed the latest ideas for mobile campaign development, execution, and evaluation. 

Because there are many different ways to create and measure a successful UA campaign, we asked mobile marketers about some key factors, tools, and performance measures preferred for mobile campaign design and evaluation to get a better understanding. In addition to determining important campaign metrics for evaluation, we asked UA marketers about the preferred ad type for campaigns, targeting preferences, and tracking measures. Keep reading for key insights from our latest App Install Marketing report. 

Try Before You Buy with Playables 

In concurrence with our survey, playable ads have increased in preference by 5% with 29% of respondents indicating that the channel is very or extremely effective. While building out campaigns, playable ads are often more preferred by UA marketers because they allow users the chance to experience the mobile game before making any commitments. Being able to play the game first is the perfect introduction to the game, and this type of ad also allows the users to stay in the mobile game experience while getting a taste of the new game. These playable ads allow for a smooth transition between ad and game.

Audience Demographics Important in Targeting

When maximizing campaign performance, there are many factors to consider, but audience demographics appear to be on the rise as they have increased in preference by 6% from last year. App install marketers considered geography (44%), operating system (43%), and audience demographics (37%) to be most important over age, gender, and look-alike audience.

Identifying the proper target audience has grown in importance as this will allow marketers to establish what audiences will have better LTVs or will convert into in-app purchases, which will lead to increased campaign performance. What’s more, if marketers are reaching the correct audience and post-install goals, then there is more time and space to explore other areas of growth, like app genre based targeting or other audience demographics. Overall, understanding audience demographics early on and connecting them with content that they will engage with will ultimately bring higher performance for any UA campaign. 

Tracking and Evaluating Performance

According to survey results, Google Analytics maintains the top tool for tracking campaign performance. 64% of respondents indicated that they use Google Analytics when it comes time to track campaign performance. Following Google, Adjust and Appsflyer are tied at 26%, and Excel/Google docs spreadsheets follow shortly behind at 24%.

When it comes to evaluating performance, price is still the most important factor. The majority of respondents (61%) indicated that price (CPI, CPC, CPCV, etc.) was important when it comes to KPIs for evaluating ad network and UA campaign performance. Shortly behind, 56% of respondents indicated that the quality of acquired users (LTV, ROI, etc.) was important when determining campaign execution. Other important factors included targeting capabilities, volume of installs, and level of service from the ad network.

With UA campaign performance, installs are still the preferred pricing and acquisition metric, however, other user interaction models are also increasing in preference. With these pricing models, most respondents (54%) still prefer CPI as the chosen metric to work with. However, CPM and CPA have grown 8% and 10% respectively from last year, with 39% of respondents choosing CPM and 32% choosing CPA for the go-to metric for determining pricing models. CPC also lies in the middle with 36% of marketers preferring this metric.

About the Study

The AdColony App Install Marketing Survey was distributed globally and garnered responses from 200+ app developers. The survey asked respondents 30 questions regarding their strategies and results for user acquisition. Topics include SKAdNetwork, budget allocation, most effective methods, and UA campaign plans for 2021.

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