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Migrating from AD-X: Knowing Your Options

Posted Mar 19, 2015

AD-X provided a managed attribution and mobile LTV solution for brands to track, monitor, and report downloads and in-app events. Alas, Criteo, the owners of AD-X, recently announced plans to discontinue service. To ensure advertisers are able to maintain seamless campaign tracking, AdColony recommends the following attribution tracking providers:

TUNE offers Mobile App Tracking, which features attribution analytics to measure the value of multiple advertising partners and provide granular real-time UA and LTV analytics. TUNE’s Mobile App Tracking also facilitates easily passing conversion information on to third party partners, which is ideal for publishers already leveraging AdColony’s Post-Install Event API to maximize campaigns.

Known for their reliability and top notch customer service, TUNE features an easy SDK integration and offers the first 50,000 attributions free each month without a contract. As TUNE is already a measurement partner of Criteo, migrating from AD-X to TUNE is rather straightforward, and they are fully supporting migrations with a hands on Account Manager and a Technical Support Specialist to make the process as easy as possible for the marketer.

Kochava offers real-time attribution and analytics for all major mobile platforms and unrivaled reliability with 99.98% uptime. While their in-app SDK supports over 1000 network and publisher integrations, they also offer a server-to-server API option, which is a great option for developers not quite ready to integrate another SDK.

For brands looking to track real-world events to better assess and improve retention and LTV, Kochava supports iBeacons. Kochava also offers their Optimization Beacon, which enables advertisers to optimize for both LTV and visibility via a data-driven, rule-based feedback loop that ingests data real-time and provides predictive responses.

Adjust touts “conversion tracking made simple,” with robust attribution, analytics, and store statistics offerings. Similar to other providers, Adjust offers a simplified tracking URL system, though their 1ms internal processing time and 200ms response time makes their solution among the snappiest. Adjust also offers re-engagement and re-targeting tracking.

Like TUNE, Adjust is a measurement partner of Criteo, making the migration process from AD-X to adjust relatively easy, particularly with their Data Continuity service that allows clients to pull in their current user data and continue tracking right where they left off. To make the transition even easier, Adjust offers a 30 day free trial and provides a dedicated account manager for the SDK integration and ongoing support.

AppsFlyer is a popular attribution tool, with over 2 billion SDK installs to date. Tools offered by Appsflyer include their OneLink deeplinking solution, NativeTrack SDK, and social network campaign tracking.

To make the migration painless, Appsflyer is offering a personal account manager to help with the SDK integration. AdColony clients who use promo code #AdColony3# will receive 3 months free.

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