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Mobile Monday: WWDC Edition

Posted Jun 8, 2015

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are taking a look at highlights from Apple’s WWDC 2015, including how OSX El Capitan gestures will streamline the user experience cross devices, what a new search API and a native Apple Watch OS will mean for mobile developers, and how Apple wants to improve music sharing and discovery.


OSX El Capitan
Slated to replace OSX Yosemite, El Capitan will be the next iteration of OSX. Among the announced features, one noticeable theme  was the movement toward a more mobile-like experience. OSX El Capitan will enable improved gestures to manage emails, windows, and other controls. By utilizing directional swiping for various controls, Ep Capitan aims to offer a mobile-like experience on laptops and desktops.

Of course, El Capitan will not be the first OS to offer a mobile-like experience: Windows 8 aimed to provide a similar experience with a touch-designed interface for desktop devices.


iOS 9
With iOS 9, Apple aims to make Siri and the entire experience more proactive. Utilizing location triggered behavior tracking, the iOS will automatically offer recommendations, reminders, place events on calendars, and more.

Interestingly for app developers, iOS 9 will also offer an API for search. This will allow app developers to more easily deep link to their content from the spotlight search tool.

Apple Pay & The Mobile Wallet
With iOS 9, Apple Pay will support reward cards. To remove the hassle of swiping to find the correct reward card, the system will use location data to automatically provide the correct card front and center.

Native Apps for Apple Watch
Today, Apple unveiled the watchOS, the new operating system for the Apple Watch allowing app developers to create native apps for the device. The new OS will allow app developers to create complications, which are essentially small nuggets of information displayed on the device’s home screen. Native apps will also be able to run off of the processing power of the watch instead of being reliant on the phone, opening up more opportunities for mobile developers.

Apple Music
To close out WWDC, Apple unveiled Apple Music. In addition to providing a streaming service, the service will also include a global live radio station, creation and sharing tools. While music streaming and digital radio is not new, the connect feature of Apple Music may offer artists a way to more easily create and share their work.

As mobile broadcasting with apps like Periscope and Meerkat have already illustrated the power of mobile to share video, it will be interesting to see how musicians will share new songs, rehearsals, and other similar original content from their mobile devices through Apple Music.

About WWDC
WWDC15 is the 26th iteration of Apple’s WWDC and features over 100 sessions and 150 labs focused on the latest technologies for Mac and iOS.

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