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Mobile Monday

Posted Jun 29, 2015

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re taking a look at the latest mobile user acquisition trends from Fiksu, updates in mobile wireless charging, and the Nintendo game that’s evolving from 3DS to mobile.

User Acquisition Costs on the Decline
Mobile tracking and analytics company Fiksu recently released user acquisition data for May, and the results are promising for UA managers on a budget. The cost to acquire a loyal user dropped 10% last month, now resting at $2.47 per user. Micah Adler, the CEO of Fiksu, noted in a statement to VentureBeat, accredited this decline to improved targeting:

“As we predicted last month, smarter spending across the ecosystem will, in due course, cause loyalty rates of app users to improve.”

Faster Wireless Charging on the Way
Recently, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) announced an upcoming update to the QI standard that will boost the power it can deliver to smartphones to 15 watts.  While the standard is not yet in effect and mobile phones will need to be developed to accept this standard, The Verge recommends keeping an eye on Samsung and LG for early adoption.

As mobile charging becomes even less of a hassle and batteries become more powerful, the dreaded low battery warning after hours of playing Candy Crush answering emails may soon be behind us.

Pokemon Shuffle to Mobile
It’s a good thing that mobile charging may soon become easier, as Pokemon fans may soon find their thumbs as drained as their batteries:  Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is slated to release later this year. The game, which was previously available only on the Nintendo 3DS, had over 4.5 million downloads on the handheld. As Nintendo expands its development of mobile games, expect to see additional 3DS titles released  in the near future.

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