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Want to captivate a mobile audience with video? Entertain them.

Posted Oct 6, 2015

When polled regarding the top three expectations and desires users have for digital video advertising, the response was clear:  users want to be entertained, amused, and informed.


Granted, this is a tall task to accomplish on mobile, particularly in native, Instant-Feed™ environments where the user is free to scroll on if the video doesn’t captivate. Thus, in order to encourage thumb-stopping moments that entertain, amuse, and inform, the following best practices are key:

  • Keep the video short. Typically, 20-22 seconds is ideal for Instant-Play™ interstitial video, and under 10 seconds is ideal for Instant-Feed™. This keeps the viewer entertained and not bored.
  • Open with a thumb-stopper. Pique interest and intrigue early to get the user’s full attention.
  • Don’t rely on audio to inform the viewer. Consider using large, concise text that supports any auditory messaging. In this way, the message will be clear even if the user has their device muted.
  • Use quick, close cuts to generate excitement. This is particularly important for with in-feed placements where the video appears smaller on the device screen.
  • Use well recognized characters and personalities to add mass appeal.

Advertisers who successfully leverage these best practices with Instant-Feed™ native mobile video to entertain, amuse, and inform their audiences typically experience campaign lift several times the mobile average with 18% higher brand lift, 15% increase in brand favorability, and 11% increase in purchase intent than traditional in-feed ads. Full data regarding the impact of developing mobile-first creative is available via a joint study with comScore.

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