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Brands Embrace Haptic Enabled Mobile Video

Posted Oct 29, 2015

As brand advertisers continue to explore new and groundbreaking means of capturing mobile user attention, Stoli is already shaking things up with a new haptic feedback enabled mobile video campaign.

Running on the AdColony platform and reaching over a million users daily in the United States, the campaign leverages haptic feedback to create a more immersive experience with strategically timed vibrations and pulses.

So why is Stoli turning to haptic enabled mobile video ads? As Russ Pareti, brand director at Stoli Vodka told AdWeek:

“We’re always looking for new and unique ways to interact and connect with our millennial consumer. We felt like this technology fit really well with our digital short campaign.”

Simply, the creative possibilities are endless for brands who take advantage of haptic enabled Instant-Play™ HD mobile video to engage their audiences in new ways.

The Creative
So how is Stoli engaging users with this campaign? To optimize for mobile, Stoli and Horizon Media selected 3 creatives from Stoli’s existing repertoire and layered haptic feedback at key moments in each, such as when a cocktail is shaken or when martini glasses are clinked.

Although you’d need to watch the spots in LDA-compliant apps on the AdColony platform to get the full haptic effect, the three spots are below:

To further fine tune the creative, a Nielsen study is being run on the campaign to gauge consumer reaction relative to device type (smartphones versus tablets). The subsequent data will help Horizon Media and Stoli continue to optimize their mobile video campaigns leveraging haptic feedback moving forward.

AdColony and Haptic Technology
AdColony leverages Immersion’s TouchSense Engage haptic technology to simulate the feel of real world feedback with tactile effects for Instant-Play™ HD video ads on mobile devices. It works by controlling the vibration motor in mobile phones to create physical feedback. Studies done on the technology have shown that mobile videos leveraging haptic feedback offer:

  • 50% higher engagement and immersion
  • 15% lift in brand sentiment
  • 15% lift in social sharing

Additionally, 62% of users reported preferring a haptic mobile video experience over standard video, suggesting consumers are eager for campaigns like Stoli’s.

Enabling Haptic Feedback
For publishers who wish to unlock top tier brand campaigns leveraging haptic feedback, enabling the technology within their existing AdColony integration is quite simple:

  1. Add the Armeabi library to the integration.
  2. Include the VIBRATE permission in the AndroidManifest.xml.
  3. Check out the Android SDK Integration Wiki for any questions.

Learn More
To learn more about this campaign, check out the official press release. To learn more about how Immersion’s TouchSense technology works with AdColony Instant-Feed™ video, check out this article on the AdColony blog.

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