Creative Showcase: Cooking Fever & Sizzling Effects

Posted Feb 5, 2016

In this creative showcase, we are taking a look at how Nordcurrent is able serve up installs for their popular mobile game Cooking Fever through strategic use of text overlays, delicious animations, and other sizzling effects.

Why it Works

Aside from cheating by taunting the viewer with food, this high performing creative for Cooking Fever has been successful for a number of reasons, including:

  • Nonstandard 19 second duration that is appropriate for a fun casual game of its nature
  • Text callouts that draw attention to the robust details of the app
  • Special effects to add appeal and focus viewer attention
  • Upbeat audio with sizzling sound effects

Let’s be honest, the sizzling sounds make the game seem tangibly appetizing, and thus more appealing. Additionally, the upbeat music coupled with smiling characters exudes happiness. Granted, as not all viewers will have audio on when they view the ad, this creative is designed to hook viewers with text callouts and special animations.

While many app install ad creatives will leverage text to describe features of the game, this ad elevates this practice by providing explicit numbers. Viewers are told that the app features over 400 dishes and 300 levels to master. Aside from leveraging BuzzFeed inspired headline tactics to improve memorability of these features, it also lets the potential user know that the game is well-developed and rich with content.

Beyond the copy, the creative features radiant lighting behind the focal area to add sheen and appeal to the game. To compliment this and keep the focus on the food (which is constantly sizzling), the creative also features a myriad of ingredients flying across the foreground. In addition to providing a heightened sense of immersion, the variety of ingredients also piques the interest of the ideal audience — foodies— as they try to discern what dish is being prepared

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