Highlights from GDC 2016

Posted Mar 25, 2016

Over 50 members of the AdColony team joined 27,000 game enthusiasts in San Francisco last week for GDC 2016. Two AdColony sessions, one photo booth, and one anniversary later, we made it through the week with plenty of highlights to share.

The Content
Bryan Buskas, our Chief Customer Officer, kicked off the week for AdColony with a session at the Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit on Day 1. He went through the top app install marketing trends from the top 100 grossing mobile publishers with a deep dive into the results of our latest App Install Survey.

It was a packed house, and everyone walked out with copies of our survey results, and use rate & blacklisting white papers.

IMG_1476 (3)

On Day 4, David Pokress, our SVP of Monetization & Publisher Relations, and Cory Lewis, our VP of Technology Evangelism, held a session around the engagement and retention opportunities in mobile, and how developers can take on these opportunities with Mobile Marketing Automation.

They also presented our newest offering, Compass™ by AdColony, which is a suite of tools designed to help developers grow, engage, retain, and monetize.


The Booth
This year, we went big. We secured a booth in the expo hall with plenty of space for four TVs, one meeting room, one photo booth, and loads of swag.


As big as the booth was, everyone’s favorite part was the photo booth, by far.


We had a couple of astronauts stop by for some fun.


Some people took a quick nap.


Others crashed some shuttles.


One thing’s for sure, though – everyone loves astronauts.


The Anniversary
On Wednesday during GDC 2016, we gathered for a team dinner. Coincidentally, that day also happened to be AdColony’s 5th Anniversary. What better way to celebrate than with birthday cake?


With full hearts and fond memories, some of the people who have been here since the beginning gathered for a picture.


From left to right: Janice Lin, Brandon Chau, Sam Slesinger, Joel Chang, Jon Caso, and Bryan Buskas. The true OGs.

The End

GDC 2016 was a great event for the AdColony team, and a ton of fun. We can’t wait to be back next year!


About GDC

GDC is an annual event held in San Francisco where programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games gather to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry. GDC is produced by the UBM Tech Game Network.

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