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Creative Showcase: Creatures & Callouts in Dragon Stadium

Posted Apr 8, 2016

In this edition of the Creative Showcase, we are examining how Social Point uses strategic text callouts and featured creatures to captivate potential users and drive installs for its mobile game Dragon Stadium. Without further adieu, here’s the ad:

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Why It Works
At a high level, the ad has proven effective due to its adherence to the following best practices:

  • clear publisher branding at the start of the ad
  • use of text callouts to describe the features of the app and invite app engagement
  • prominent placement of characters
  • use of special effects & scene swipes to captivate attention
  • non-reliance on audio narrative
  • inclusion of upbeat music for users who have sound on
  • end card that reminds users of the features of the app

Actionable Copy
While text callouts are a standard best practice for mobile app install ads, it’s important to note the nuance of publishers who execute this creative element well. In the case of this ad, the copy on screen invites the user to action with clear, concise, and active statements. In sequence, these callouts are:

  • Feed and evolve dragons
  • Build your dragon island
  • Breed and collect
  • Fight in epic battles
  • BEST! Dragon! Game! Ever!
  • Download now for free.

All About Dragons
In case the visuals weren’t clear, “dragon” is mentioned three times in the text callouts, making the message exceptionally clear, even for distracted audiences. To help the user visualize playing the game, the 6 short statements contain 7 unique verbs, concluding with “download,” of course.

As the game is all about dragons, every shot within the ad features dragons, either within the app experience or more prominently featured outside the device. In fact, dragons were featured 5 times outside the device.

Focusing on the App
Interestingly, the scenes with text callouts that did not mention the word “dragon” were also the scenes without a dragon outside the device. This choice of omission helps the viewer focus on the content being featured in the device, which is critical for giving a user a lasting impression about the in-app experience.

Of course, if these scenes caused anyone to forget about the impossibly cute dragons, the “BEST! DRAGON! EVER!” sequence with a large dragon filling much of the frame serves as a final reminder prior to the request for the user to download.

Driving the Install
As the ad completes, the viewer is shown a dynamic end card that invites the user to install the game now (you know you want to) while also offering a clean UI for scrolling through thumbnails touting the app’s features.

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