Creative Showcase: Hilton 360°

Posted Jan 6, 2017

The desire to create immersive media experiences is not new. However, how those experiences are created is ever-changing, particularly on mobile. One of the most successful mobile ad creative executions of 2016 was a campaign by Hilton that leveraged both Instant-Play™ HD mobile video and 360° video to immerse viewers in one of their coveted destinations. Here’s a glimpse:

The Goal
Understanding that people are more apt to book a stay if they have a sense of the ambience, Hilton wanted potential guests to have the most immersive ad experience possible. As nothing beats the power of sight, sound, and motion to captivate users on mobile, video was a clear choice for the campaign. To provide a truly immersive experience, the full-screen ad creative was complimented by a 360° video experience that enticed viewers to look around.

How It Worked
In short, the ad experience consisted of an Instant-Play™ HD video that set the narrative stage for the open-ended 360° video experience. As Kyle Zvacek of OMD described the campaign:

“The theme of the campaign is Our Stage. Your Story. – and we begin with a short, scripted video ad that sets the tone for the entire experience. When the interactive portion begins, set at Hilton Barbados Resort, the voiceover explains that this Hilton hotel is a launchpad for guests to discover new places, experience unique adventures and create their own story.

Viewers are then presented with a sequence of ‘stages’ for that story: the ocean from inside of a sea cave, the expansive beach from a guestroom balcony, thick ferns all around them on a jungle walk – these virtual reality moments are what drive travelers to book their dream vacation, right then and there.”

The Results
The campaign enjoyed a 98% video completion rate, and users engaged with the 360° video experience for extended periods of time. Specifically, the average user engaged 36 seconds longer on tablet and 10 seconds longer on smartphone than the benchmark for traditional dynamic end cards.

Why It Worked
Both the ad creative and immersive 360° experience followed a number of creative best practices on mobile, including:

  • On-screen copy to captivate users who may have their device volume low or muted
  • Quick cuts leveraging a coy mix of continuity of motion and composition between shots for storytelling cohesion and a periodic contrasting shot to maintain viewer interest and intrigue
  • Short, non-standard video duration to encourage optimal click-through and conversion rates
  • Custom dynamic end card with immersive 360° video experience
  • Clean UI & experience for immediate conversions

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