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Mobile Monday: Quality, Trust, & Low-Key Branding

Posted May 29, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re exploring what a recent survey tells us about the need for high quality video from trusted sources as well as how branded a brand’s story should be in order to be effective.

Quality & Trust, Please
While influencer campaigns may be a hot topic for discussion, they are hardly the end-all, be-all for captivating consumers. Indeed, according to a recent consumer study published by AOL, “consumers are flocking to quality experiences from trusted sources“. While some consumers are interested in videos created by their peers and influencers, 20% more value videos with a “high production quality”.

Why is this? As noted in the article, consumers expect digital video to live up to the production standards of what they see on television. Most influencer videos posted on user-generated content sites & networks simply don’t live up to this threshold.

That delta is slightly broader among advertisers in the survey, of which 63% “expect branded video content to drive the greatest ROI this year” while only a minority had faith in user-generated content.

Mind the Branding
Of course, over-branding a mobile video isn’t advisable. First, the clock ticks faster when seeking to captivate a user on their mobile device, so filling too many frames with branding is just going to dilute the message. Instead of creating an immersive & captivating video ad experience, the viewer is constantly reminded — via arbitrary & excessive branding — that the story being told is actually a brand being sold.

It may the the goal, but Molly DeWolf Swenson advises a much more subtle approach, noting that “behind-the-scenes storytelling” is often much more effective for brands. The key? Keep the narrative flowing. As Swenson notes:

“If a story is moving, no one is going to care that it’s brought to you by a brand. Rather, they’re going to be happy the brand brought it to them.”

After all, today’s consumers see through overly branded stories, as Tom Fishbourne reminds us:
branded content

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