Mobile Monday: Peripheral Experiences & Media Lag

Posted Aug 28, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are examining how the lines between desktop and mobile are blurring for one popular mobile title and how interactive ads may finally help close the gap between marketer spend and consumer habits.

Peripherals & the Mobile Experience
When the concept for a serious mobile esport title was first announced, many raised their eyebrows at publisher Super Evil Megacorp. However, the successful launch of their mobile MOBA title Vainglory has since proven that highly competitive play is possible on mobile devices.

Nevertheless, there’s more to creating a hit game than ensuring the user interface and controls are responsive and optimized for a given platform. To truly foster a loyal user base, often publishers look for ways to allow gameplay flexibility and to allow their players to share their experience. In the case of Vainglory, this meant that Super Evil Megacorp wanted to better accommodate users who prefer traditional desktop gameplay.

As a result, Super Evil Megacorp is now collaborating with Samsung “to bring mouse and keyboard functionality” to the game. In so doing, users will be able to stream the mobile game to their larger monitors while also using standard mouse and keyboard controls. What makes this setup interesting is that the game will still be run from a mobile device, but it will mimic the experience of playing on a desktop.

Thus, the lines between the mobile and desktop experience shall become increasingly blurred. It will be interesting to see how the experience is flushed out and if any other publishers follow suit within the next year.

Lagging Behind Users
While mobile publishers like Super Evil Megacorp are striving to create experiences void of lag, another type of lag still pervades mobile: advertising mixes still lag behind consumer behavior.

Indeed, according to a new report released by Business Insider, even though consumers spend “over a third of their total media time on mobile” last year, only 17% of digital advertising spend was committed to the format. For advertisers, this means untapped waters, particularly with respect to the interactive experiences (360° video, Aurora™ HD video, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc) that are only possible on mobile.

For the publisher, this means that their inventory has room to double in value. Indeed, the report noted that the most engaging and immersive mobile ads are expected to have an 81% CAGR through 2024, which bodes quite well for publishers who monetize with these formats.

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