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Mobile Monday: Fantasy League Mechanics, Voodoo’s Spell, & More

Posted Nov 20, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are taking a look at the latest mobile publishing news, from the next Marvel mobile game to Voodoo’s chart-topping success and Mind Candy’s move to stay afloat.

Marvel Strike Force
Continuing to leverage its expansive franchise on mobile, Marvel’s next mobile game will be Marvel Strike Force. The title, which is currently in production by FoxNext games, is scheduled to release in 2018. Gameplay will consist of users building out a party of five Marvel superheroes — and supervillains — to battle each other.

A preview of the gameplay is available below:


If the combination of heroes and villains on the same team seems a bit strange, it is. However, the title will be building off an already extremely popular concept among sports enthusiasts: fantasy leagues.  As Aaron Loeb of FoxNext Studios told Variety, “We’re enabling the player to have their fantasy draft of characters from the Marvel Universe.”

Indeed, it will be interesting to see if other major IP holders leverage this concept in their mobile titles going forward as publishers increasingly look for ways to offer new content that is familiar enough to appeal to their reliable fanbases.

Voodoo Games Tops Charts
While most mobile publishers are still furiously working to make their dream of having a single app in the top 100 or top 1000, Voodoo Games is toppling the app charts in Europe. While it’s a mix of fun user experiences, savvy publishing cycles, and marketing prowess that have contributed to this success, it’s notable enough to be considered app marketing magic.

Indeed, according to a recent report by PocketGamer, Voodoo held five of the ten top positions in the free iPhone games app chart within the UK last week with:

  1. Dune!
  2. Stack Jump
  3. Snake VS Block
  4. Fire Rides
  5. Fight List

While claiming half of a top 10 list is an impressive feat for any publisher, such standings are volatile. Indeed, 7 of the 10 apps on the list were in new positions this week, shifting as much as 6 positions over the previous week. Even the top grossing chart saw movement for 6 of the top 10 titles, though the top two publishers remained the same: King and Playrix.

Mind Candy Stays Afloat
Of course, for every app that successfully tops the chart, there are many more that don’t. As publishers continue to vie for consumer attention in an increasingly competitive app market, so mobile publisher Mind Candy recently raised additional investor funding in order to stay afloat.

Mind Candy CEO Ian Chambers is optimistic about the future, noting that they are seeing “solid progress and momentum” in recent months. Indeed, the company has come quite a long ways over the last few years as it has pivoted to fully “embrace gaming on smartphones and tablets”.

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