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Mobile Monday: Apps & the Holidays

Posted Dec 18, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are taking a look at how brands are using apps to improve their holiday sales as well as the top games to check out while cozying up by a fireplace or waiting in line at the airport.

Swarovski Launches AR App
To drum up excitement — and likely hopefully drive more sales — retailer Swarovski recently partnered with Perfect Corp to launch a new augmented reality (AR) app. Essentially, the app lets users virtually try on a number of products, complete with all the filtered special effects one would expect.

While the initial app experience is a bit limited as it provides just three “curated looks”, it’s a very interesting test for a retailer that has traditionally depended on foot traffic. Now, instead of forcing shoppers to visit a physical store location if they want to see how a particular piece of jewelry might look, the shoppers can preview a curated collection from the comfort of their homes … or wherever they might be while using the app.

Toys R Us Reinvents the In-Store Experience 
While some retailers are turning to mobile apps as an alternative to the in-store experience, Toys R Us is using a new mobile app to add to it. Earlier in Q4, the struggling retailer rolled out a new augmented reality mobile app that rewards its young shoppers for in-store behavior by unlocking activities & content.

In short, the app turns the physical stores into “digital playgrounds“, a move that could conceivably improve total time spent in-store for each participating visitor.

Top Games in December
Whatever you’re looking forward to this holiday season, Pocket Gamer is helping everyone have a bit of fun in the meantime.

Their App Army is midway through a series they’re calling the Pocket Gamer Advent 2017 Calendar, where they shine the spotlight on a different mobile game every day.

Here are the games they have featured thus far:

  1. Battle Bay
  2. Campfire Cooking
  3. Golf Zero
  4. Kingdom Wars
  5. Warhammer Quest 2
  6. Motorsport Manager 2
  7. Kalimba
  8. Titanfall: Assault
  9. Simulacra
  10. Euclidean Lands
  11. Thimbleweed Park
  12. Pavilion: Touch Edition
  13. Ticket to Earth
  14. Galaxy of Pen and Paper
  15. Steredenn
  16. Morphite
  17. The Talos Principle

To see the list as it grows, check out Glen Fox’s work over at Pocket Gamer.

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