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Mobile Monday: Autoplay, Auctions, & Old Habits

Posted Mar 12, 2018

This week, we’re covering how advertisers can make the most of muted autoplay video, which countries could be among the first to roll out 5G, and the webinar you won’t want to miss if you’re somewhat new to mobile advertising.

Muted Autoplay to Stay
While savvy publishers are finding ways to give users more agency regarding their ad experiences, the vast majority are simply looking for ways to smooth over the user experience with their existing ad placements. As such, Lucinda Southern of Digiday suggests that autoplay video will persist for the foreseeable future, admittedly in a muted state.

Granted, muted autoplay video is a compromise. The user didn’t ask for it, and the advertiser didn’t ask for their well-designed audio to be silenced. To make the best of these situations, it may be advisable for advertisers running videos within feeds to take a lesson from their counterparts on mobile: make the video compelling even without audio. If the user then pauses and turns on the audio, then a user-initiated experience has begun, which always proves most beneficial for advertiser and publisher alike, as an actively engaged user is happier and more likely to convert.

5G Auctions in Europe and Australia
Mobile users in Italy, Portugal, and Australia might be among the first to enjoy 5G services in 2019. Already, regulating bodies in the three countries have shared their short-term plans for auctioning the 5G spectrum to carriers.

In Italy, several providers have already conducted 5G tests, with TIM and Huawei completing a successful 3.7GHz test and Vodafone having already completed its first 5G connection as well.

In Portugal, regulatory bodies are working to determine the best frequencies to put up for auction. Debate on this is scheduled to end on April 19th, after which  they will declare which spectrums will be allocated to which purposes.

In Australia, the spectrum decision has already been made, though it will require a few of the country’s satellites to be moved to another frequency.

Mobile Matures & Habits Die Hard
Tomorrow, the MMA is hosting a webinar with Forrester to share the results of a recent survey of global marketers that they conducted. The session will explore how “mobile has taken a more prominent role in brands’ advertising strategy” as well as how marketers need to address data accuracy, measurement, and fragmentation concerns if they are to succeed.

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