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Mobile Monday: Brand Safety Incidents Rise in Apps, Rumors Persist for China-specific iPhone

Posted Jul 8, 2019

When looking at mobile advertising opportunities, brands cannot simply look for the correct apps and demographics to target. They also need to make sure that their ads are being shown in brand safe environments. A new study shows that there are high rates of brand safety incidents in mobile apps and breaks down the types of fraud that are affecting apps. Meanwhile, news sources are reporting that Apple is making an iPhone specifically for China. Is this persistent rumor finally true? Read all the details in this week’s Mobile Monday!

Mobile Apps See Rise in Brand Safety Incidents
Brand safety continues to be a significant concern when it comes to mobile advertising. According to the Global Insights Report 2019 by DoubleVerify, there has been a 194% increase in brand safety incidents on mobile devices. The digital media measurement software and analytics firm’s report stated that the incident rate shot up to 5.2% in 2019, after being at only 0.8% in 2017. The high rate can be attributed to the simultaneous increase in content consumption and ad spend on mobile apps. In addition, the report states that in-app video’s viewability for 2019 sits at 73%. This is far below AdColony’s DoubleVerify viewability rating of 99%.

The report also gives a breakdown of the different fraud types that are affecting mobile apps. On apps, 54% of fraud is classified as app fraud, which includes false impressions and invalid traffic practices. User-based fraud makes up 35% of mobile app fraud, while bot fraud is only 11%. When dealing with brand safety and fraud, the report stresses that custom protection is imperative. Brands are taking precautions to ensure that their ads are not being displayed next to offensive or inflammatory content. Furthermore, they will seek additional, customized controls to ensure their ads appear beside content that is both safe and appropriate. Brands will also find great value in companies that offer brand-safe environments like AdColony that prioritizes brand safety.

Is Apple Finally Making A More Affordable Iphone For China?
Chinese news source, Global Times is reporting that Apple is making a new phone specifically for Chinese consumers with modified features at a lower price point. This cheaper version is said to not include under-display fingerprint scanners instead of Face ID sensors to lower costs. The China-specific iPhone rumor has persisted for years but has never come to fruition. 

While the report remains vague on details, it sheds light on the need for a change in Apple’s strategy for the Chinese market. iPhone sales have seen shortfalls in the country as consumers seek out more affordable mid-range phones. Apple has already lowered China’s iPhone prices after taking advantage of domestic tax cuts and fluctuating currency exchange rates. They have also focused on marketing their trade-in programs that could iPhones at a lower cost to several countries. Only time will tell if this rumor will finally come true but it could be a very lucrative move for Apple in a large and powerful smartphone market.

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