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Tet Shopping and Mobile Gaming Behavior Survey

Posted Oct 3, 2019

In the past few years, the Asia-Pacific region has played a big part in bolstering the continued growth of mobile device and app usage. Vietnam, in particular, has become one of the most exciting emerging markets for the industry as the country’s smartphone adoption increases every year. For advertisers looking to reach this expanding audience’s enthusiasm, they will need to have a strong strategy for Tet, Vietnamese New Year. 

The country’s most important holiday will take place on January 25 and consumers will be doing holiday shopping long before the event. Most shops and businesses will be closed during the five-day holiday so people will be shopping for weeks prior to prepare for celebrations. With businesses closed, consumers will have lots of free time at home to spend with family, relax, and maybe play some mobile games! 

To get ready for the upcoming Tet, we conducted the Tet Shopping and Mobile Gaming Behavior Survey. The survey asked Vietnamese consumers questions regarding their shopping and mobile gaming preferences, particularly during the Tet holiday.

Highlights from the Study

  • Mobile gamers spend more during Tet. 71% of mobile gamers said they expect to spend more than 5 million VND while 60% of non-mobile gamers plan to spend less than 5 million VND. Female shoppers are the most likely to be high spenders as 60% plan to budget 5-10 million VND.
  • Brand matters. When it comes to products that cost more than 3 million VND, 46% of respondents said the most important criteria is brand.  The second most important factor (38%) is durability.
  • Consumers discover brands on mobile devices. — A majority of the respondents stated that their mobile phone was the primary device used to discover new brands. Additionally, female users said they trusted digital media more than traditional media.
  • Millennials spend the most time on mobile gaming. — The best time to target millennials while playing games is at night between 8:00 PM and 12:00 AM. 
  • Don’t forget about moms who love mobile games. — 93% of moms play mobile games for at least 2 hours a week and are the most active during the afternoon.
  • Consumers love to give and receive personal care. — When it comes to buying a gift for a spouse, most shoppers like to give personal care items. Personal care is also the top category for self-gifting.

Check out the infographic below for more great insights! Click on the infographic to open it full size!

About the Study
Tet Shopping and Mobile Gaming Behavior Survey asked Vietnamese consumers a series of easy-to-answer questions about Tet shopping and mobile gaming revealing a generous amount regarding shopping and gaming during the New Year holiday.

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