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Smartphone Users Depend on Apps for Fitness and Health

Posted May 20, 2020

For many, the beginning of the year is a time to focus on health. Whether it’s resolutions for the new year or getting ready for summer, people are always looking for convenient and cost-effective ways to stay fit. As the go-to device for practically everything, users have turned to their smartphones to aid them in achieving health goals.

The AdColony Mobile and Fitness Survey was created to understand user behavior regarding fitness goals, mobile usage, and changes in behavior after New Year resolutions are put into place. Check out highlights from the survey and be sure to download the infographic and the full report!

2020 is the year for eating healthy. — Respondents were asked about their health goals in 2020 and more than half (55%) said they wanted to focus on eating more healthier foods. Starting or keeping an exercise routine and reaching a goal weight were not that far behind on the list of priorities. Trying a new exercise had the least amount of share but was still a goal for 31% for respondents.

Fitness apps are part of daily routines. — Just under half (42%) of respondents said they use fitness or health apps at least once a day. 10% of these people are using them several times a day. 

Smartphones and apps are regarded as important and effective. More than half of respondents said that smartphones are important while exercising. Additionally, 46% believe apps have been moderately or very effective in achieving health goals.

My Fitness Pal takes the top spot. — Respondents named over 60 titles as their most-used health and fitness apps and My Fitness Pal took the top spot. Fitbit was the second most named and Samsung Health was third. Furthermore, a majority of people (80%) have 1-3 apps downloaded on their phones.

About the Study
The AdColony Mobile and Fitness Survey asked consumers about their new year resolutions, how they use mobile devices for health and fitness, and the importance of using smartphones for exercise. Overall, the survey garnered over 600 responses, with participants ranging from 14 years old to over 75.

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