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Creative Showcase: Nissan Patrol

Posted Jul 19, 2020

In this Creative Showcase, we’re looking at the engaging Nissan Patrol campaign in the MENA region. Nissan Patrol conquered mobile video with an interactive campaign that utilized AdColony’s proven technology to bring awareness to Nissan’s new 2020 Patrol. By targeting audiences across the Middle East, this campaign delivered Instant-Play HD Video and Dynamic End Card to mobile devices, leading to tremendous results in engagement rates and time spent by the users.

About the Campaign

Nissan unveiled the new 2020 Nissan Patrol with enhancements that offer consumers sophistication, comfort, safety, and connectivity. During its launch in the Middle East, Nissan stated that the Patrol provided “the same outstanding level of comfort cruising on the highway in Dubai or negotiating rocky mountain terrain.” The versatility of the vehicle was the inspiration of the vehicle’s tagline “Conquer Everywhere” which was also the challenge Nissan faced when finding a way to reach consumers. Nissan needed to find a way to inform consumers of the exciting new features and luxuries of the vehicle in an innovative way. Looking to reach a vast audience, Nissan and their agency partner, Resolution, were looking to conquer advertising in the crowded automotive space.

How it Worked

Nissan decided to create its first-ever campaign with AdColony in the Middle East region to drive awareness for the Nissan Patrol. Potential buyers would not only value the vehicle’s luxury and high-tech features but also its power and ensured safety in demanding driving conditions. Adding to the diverse customer base, AdColony was then tasked to target audiences in six different geographies that included Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman. 

Additionally, AdColony used three audience personas to build its diverse target audience which included prestige seekers, new parents, and adventure seekers. 

Nissan created a multi-language mobile video campaign in order to communicate their messaging effectively to the diverse audience in the Middle East region. The campaign reached users on mobile games with high-quality videos using AdColony’s Instant-Play HD Video. The videos showed the elegant Nissan Patrol in various environments. Supporting its slogan “Conquer Everywhere,” it was shown that the Nissan Patrol can thrive in colorful metropolitan areas as well as exotic deserts.

Why it Worked

In today’s digital world it is not enough to reach the audience with just a regular ad format. The tech-savvy consumers who are interested in the advancements of the Nissan Patrol would also be more drawn to an interactive and informative ad experience. The campaign included a Dynamic End Card which pops up at the end of the video and invites users to experience the colorful world of the Nissan Patrol. Users were given the chance to customize the car with their choice of one of the six colors of the vehicle. The aim was to allow users the full experience of the Nissan Patrol all while staying on their mobile device.

By targeting audiences across the Middle East, this campaign delivered Instant-Play HD Video and Dynamic End Card to mobile devices, leading to tremendous results in engagement rates (End Card) and time spent by the users. More than 300,000 users completed both videos. The Dynamic End Card achieved an engagement rate of 23%, 5x higher than benchmarks! Additionally, 72% of the audience had multiple engagements.

Users spent 8.3 more seconds engaging with the ad. According to Nielsen data, the extended time spent with the brand, and the effective campaign execution resulted in Nissan gaining 16.4% uplift on ad association and 16% uplift on brand favorability. Through HD Video and a Dynamic End Card, viewers were not only given key information but were also able to interact with the video to increase their own awareness and excitement. By utilizing AdColony’s mobile video technology, the Nissan Patrol was able to achieve great exposure and conquer mobile video. 

About Nissan Patrol
Nissan is a global full-line vehicle manufacturer that sells more than 60 models under the Nissan, INFINITI, and Datsun brands. In a region steeped in tradition, yet steered by the future, the Patrol is the perfect combination of heritage and prestige with purpose. Conquering the elements comes as second nature to an SUV whose reputation and authority is equaled only by its legendary V8 power. A fresh new look makes its presence even more unmistakable. The Patrol is a legend, reborn.

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