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The IDFA Is Not Gone Yet, But Here’s What Advertisers (Still) Need to Do

Posted Oct 5, 2020

To say privacy has gone from something most mobile developers kept in the back of their mind five years ago to one of the most important parts of their business is an understatement. Apple has placed the responsibility of consent on developers with a modal to track users or share device IDs with third parties. The changes are simple to implement for developers, but the impacts on the entire mobile ecosystem are complicated, and it’s worth taking time to understand these changes.

In addition to changes to targeting addressable audiences, brands with apps like food delivery, coffee, retail, and beyond, this change will impact you, too! Many brand apps didn’t realize the changes to their app install campaigns and still don’t know how to support SKAdNetwork requirements both on the campaign and the app development side. 

Apple may have delayed enforcement, but the requirements are still coming. Now is still the best time to discuss the coming changes and how you can use this extra time to learn, test, and experiment for success when Apple flips the enforcement switch!

iOS 14 is just around the corner, and developers continue to build, test, and adjust for the changes Apple’s latest operating system is bringing. However, there is one significant change many developers may not be taking seriously: Consent gathering for user data. Get familiar with the what, the why, and the how before Apple asks for iOS 14 submissions!  

This webinar will cover everything brand advertisers need to know about Apple’s privacy changes, and how to approach media buys on iOS apps going forward. 

Sign up below to join MMA and AdColony and we’ll see you then! 
October 12th, 2020  
18.00 İstanbul Time & 19.00 Dubai Time

About the Speakers

AdColony Senior Product Manager for Advertiser Products, Alasdair Pressney — Alasdair Pressney oversees AdColony’s performance user acquisition advertising products. Alasdair’s prior experience on both sides of the mobile app industry with monetization and user acquisition for both clients and vendors give him a full, holistic, customer-centric view of the performance advertising and mobile gaming industries.

AdColony Product Manager for Privacy & BigData, Alex Ritchie — Alex leads AdColony’s privacy and data compliance initiatives, working across the organization and with partners to ensure transparent consumer privacy compliance. Prior to joining AdColony, Alex spent time in both digital marketing consulting as well as MarTech software development. Alex is passionate about Adtech, Privacy, and the intersection of the two.

AdColony VP Sales, EMEA & LATAM, Warrick Billingham — Warrick is leading the EMEA and LATAM teams at AdColony. He is an experienced and accomplished executive level Media, Advertising, Marketing & communications professional, with a particular strength in business development. With expert level experience in opening up new markets, introducing new products, growing revenue from new & existing clients across multiple geographies.

More on iOS 14

Want to get ahead of the game? There are a few other steps to get your app ready for iOS 14. You can find the big ones in our previous post and guide to iOS 14 readiness for developers. We’ve also covered some of the fundamental questions we’ve been hearing, the critical changes in iOS 14. Here are the answers for questions our brand and agency partners might have. For those looking for more information on the user acquisition end of things, we’ve walked through what’s needed to get UA campaigns going, and the basics of iOS f14 for UA marketers. We’ve also put together a rough guide on asking for permission to track, that will definitely come up during this webinar!

About MMA
The MMA’s mission is to enable marketers to drive innovation and enduring business value in an increasingly dynamic and mobile connected world. Comprised of over 800-member companies globally and 14 regional offices, the MMA is the only marketing trade association that brings together the full ecosystem of marketers, tech providers and sellers working collaboratively to architect the future of marketing, while relentlessly delivering growth today. Anchoring the MMA’s mission are four core pillars; to cultivate inspiration by driving innovation for the Chief Marketing Officer; to build the mobile marketing capabilities for marketing organizations through fostering know-how and confidence; to champion the effectiveness and impact of mobile through research providing tangible ROI; and to advocate for mobile marketers.

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