Creative Showcase: Bliblimart m-Select

Creative Showcase: Bliblimart

Posted Oct 5, 2020

In this Creative Showcase, we are looking at the Bliblimart m-Select campaign in Indonesia. Bliblimart is a leading eCommerce portal in Indonesia. As consumers’ shopping preference gradually shifts towards online during the pandemic, Bliblimart wanted to adapt its approach by directing users to its eCommerce store.

About the Campaign
During the pandemic, the Indonesian government imposed a mandatory citywide lockdown in an attempt to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. During the lockdown, people are required to stay at home and were not allowed to be out on the streets.

As they spend more time at home, consumers gradually begin to spend more time on their mobile devices as well. This resulted in an increase in mobile usage for various activities, such as gaming and online shopping.

To align with consumers’ growing preference to shop online, and ensure that consumers are still able to purchase groceries and daily necessities, Bliblimart wanted to have a campaign to drive more awareness about its eCommerce portal to its consumers and illustrate the simplicity and convenience of shopping online.

How did it work?
It was vital to innovate and adapt to its consumers new shopping preference. This interactive ad unit was designed with two key brand objectives in mind – To drive brand awareness to its consumers, and to encourage online purchases.

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Bliblimart and AdColony targeted Indonesian consumers, aged 18 to 45 years old, residing in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok City, Tangerang and Bekasi. Blibli targeted different audience groups to build Bliblimart’s diverse target audience, which included those with interests in online shopping, groceries and F&B, personal care, and mothercare. Through defined audience targeting, Bliblimart was able to ensure that the delivered campaign remained relevant to their consumers.

The creative strategy for this campaign was to create an interactive experience for consumers by building a vertical full page simple collection ad to showcase some relevant grocery categories and encourage them to make purchases online for their daily needs.

AdColony m-Select is a mobile-first dynamic shopping experience designed to simulate a similar online shopping experience on the eCommerce portal, and to drive conversions among mobile shoppers. A video component was used on the top half of the ad unit to attract users’ attention towards the brand, followed by a range of product categories for users to browse. They could then select on the product that they intend to buy within the ad unit, and be led directly to the product page on Bliblimart eCommerce store to complete their online shopping journey.

This seamless user purchase journey proved to be a very successful strategy for Bliblimart in achieving their brand objectives.

Campaign Results
The innovative and eye-catching creative appealed to its consumers and yielded great results for the campaign. While reaching its potential customers, Bliblimart achieved an astounding 97% viewability. Video completion rate was at 84.44% (industry benchmark of 40%), with 4.7 million impressions and 3.9 million completed video views. The ad was so engaging and intuitive that users spent an average of 31 seconds (industry benchmark of 5 to 6 seconds) on the dynamic end card, and achieved an engagement rate of 10.41% (industry benchmark of 1%). Consumers were also motivated to continue their purchasing journey from the ad unit to the Bliblimart eCommerce portal, evident by the click-through rate of 7.95% (industry benchmark of 1%).

About Bliblimart eCommerce portal
Blibli is the biggest trusted online mall in Indonesia, offering various high-quality products in collaboration with more than 100.000 business partners specializing in primary needs, electronics along with gadget, daily needs, and lifestyle needs. The vision is to be the number one e-commerce portal with the most loyal customers in Indonesia, and commit to provide the most convenient and satisfying shopping experience.

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