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Father's Day 2021

Gaming Fathers Audience Growth Set To Capture Brand Interest This Father’s Day 2021

Posted Jun 18, 2021

Father’s Day is a time of togetherness with family, often spent sharing gifts and appreciation for fathers. However, Father’s Day in 2021 will see unprecedented gaming penetration helping to foster family bonding as COVID-19 fears drive families to spend more time at home. JAPAC is currently home to 54% of all gamers worldwide, while 88% of all fathers in these countries report they are also gamers, predominantly doing so for fun and enjoyment.

This Father’s Day, brands can look forward to connecting with fathers and their families through shared enjoyment of mobile games like Among Us and Pokemon Go. 87% of Father Gamers prefer to game on their smartphones as their primary gaming device, followed by PC at 49% and consoles at 32%. Sports franchise games like FIFA or NBA 2K are very popular amongst father gamers as well.

As people spend more time at home, they are also consuming more content online. This caused a shift in shopping preferences with 59% making more online purchases, and 65% having an increased likelihood to purchase on sale days, resulting in a spike in eCommerce sales across various verticals in the region.

Here are some highlights on JAPAC Father Gamers and how brand advertisers can plan to win their preference this Father’s Day.

Highlights on JAPAC Gaming Fathers:

  • 87% Prefer To Game on Mobile – Father Gamers enjoy playing mobile games like Among Us, Dream League Soccer & The key way to reach Fathers in these environments is through rewarded video & in-game advertising.
  • More Likely To Spend On Big Ticket Items – Father Gamers are likely to consider purchasing a range of major purchases in the next 3-6 months including: Headphones (38%), Spectacles (29%) and Car Insurance (30% – SG/MY/JP only).
  • Surge in Online Shopping – Father Gamers are large online purchasers (59%) and primarily shop on sale days. Brands who are considering eCommerce offers for their marketing campaigns might want to consider reaching Father Gamers as a target audience segment.
  • Health Is Wealth – The common misconception of a gamer tends to be negative towards their health & fitness attitudes. It was interesting to observe that Father Gamers across JAPAC have an index of 136 vs Fathers who don’t game have an index of 97. 

Brand advertisers looking to reach Fathers across Fathers Day should strongly consider gaming to connect with key family audiences with AdColony’s market leading gaming publishers & advertising platform.

Check out the infographics below for more great insight and don’t forget to click on the infographics to open it full size!


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