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Mobile Monday: Virtual Reality for Children, Mice & Anyone with $99

Posted Oct 5, 2015

View-Master Meets VR
Long anticipated after its announcement earlier this year, Mattel recently released their Google Cardboard-powered View-Master in an appeal to make virtual reality technology more child-friendly. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: an updated View-Master where you insert your phone instead of discs and buy content through apps like Google Cardboard.

With the device costing $30 and content packs running $15, the device is a wee bit more expensive than the View-Masters lost in attic treasure troves of nostalgia. Nevertheless, the device is considerably cheaper than other VR devices and more sturdy than a traditional Google Cardboard kit.

Virtual Reality for Mice?
Of course, all applications for virtual reality devices aren’t just for fun. For instance, the other week, we covered how game designers are beginning to use VR to develop their games. Now, researchers at MIT have “built a virtual maze” that allows them to study how a rodent’s navigational system operates by keeping their heads relatively still enough to enable data capture.

$99 Virtual Reality
While toy versions of virtual reality technology are fun, many are eagerly awaiting a more robust yet consumer friendly solution. With Samsung’s release of the new Gear VR this fall, the wait may be over. Priced at $99, the cost of the device is much more digestible than other VR headsets, yet offers key features toy models lack: automatic focal adjustment, touch pad, a 60fps camera pass-through (Pokémon Go for VR, anyone?), and more.

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