Mobile Monday: Thinking Vertically as the App Store Grows

Posted Jun 5, 2017

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re examining how advertisers are beginning to think vertically — and who is stepping in to help them — as well as what the latest numbers from Apple mean for the health of the app store & the mobile publishing ecosystem.

Thinking Vertically
When it comes to offering impactful yet positive ad experiences on mobile, there are two considerations that mustn’t be forgotten: the user experience and the visual power of the ad on the screen. As advertisers prefer full-screen units and users prefer when the ad creative fits — without requiring a device or head tilt — so vertical video ads have both experienced tremendous demand and have delivered exceptional results.

Alas, most campaigns are still shot in a traditional landscape format, leaving marketers with a pressing need to recreate and reformat their creatives for vertical placements. Beyond keeping many video editors at the AdColony Skylab busy every day in this pursuit, it’s also become a pressing need for News UK, who earlier today announced their  vertical video studio, dubbed v-Studio.

As vertical video continues to ramp up in the second half of 2017, expect additional publishers and platforms to follow suit.

App Growth Continues
Amid the flurry of positive mobile projections published at the onset of each year, there’s always a touch of speculation wondering if the app store has reached saturation yet. Surely users have enough apps on their phones, right?

While it is true that the life of an app install marketer has become more complex, their outlook remains quite promising. Indeed, according to the latest data from Apple, app installs are up 70% year-over-year.  Much of this growth is driven by apps in the Gaming and Entertainment categories, which Apple noted are the largest revenue drivers.

Long story short: while mobile publishers — particularly those of gaming & entertainment apps — are poised for considerable revenue growth this year, so mobile advertisers can expect to drive more installs than ever.

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