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Mobile Monday: Dive in Darts Out while Samsung and AT&T Embrace More Video

Posted Aug 17, 2015

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we are covering what Square Enix’s closure of Dive In means for mobile streaming trends, what Samsung’s new native mobile streaming functionality could mean for Periscope and Meerkat, and how carriers like AT&T are responding to the demand for more mobile video.

Dive In Darts Out
While apps like Mobcrush and Kamcord are finding their way into the mobile game streaming market, another service is finding the exit.

Square Enix recently announced plans to cancel Dive In, its mobile game streaming service that streamed content to the end users, next month. Users of the service will be refunded with Square Enix Crystal Credits.

So what does this departure mean? When it comes to mobile game streaming, it appears services that allow users to stream gameplay to their friends are faring better than those that stream the content to the user.

Samsung Enters Native Mobile Live Streaming Ring
Meanwhile, the mobile live streaming commotion caused by Periscope and Meerkat has gotten Samsung’s attention. According to a recent report by Kwame Opan of The Verge, Samsung’s newest phones can live stream directly to YouTube.

The feature, dubbed Live Broadcast, will be integrated directly into the native camera app of the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

While existing mobile streaming apps Periscope and Meerkat have struggled from a somewhat desolate social landscape, this new feature will capitalize on the already thriving live video section of YouTube.

As such, it will be most interesting to see how the adoption rate for mobile video streaming surges after the launch of these phones, which brands will follow suit with live streamed content of their own, and if this will be a boon or a blow for existing streaming services like Periscope and Meerkat.

AT&T Restructuring Data Packages
With an ever increasing number of users both ingesting and sharing mobile video, user data demands are only increasing. To stay competitive, AT&T recently announced a restructuring of its data packages, increasing its most common price point from 10GB to 15GB of included data and cutting the price slightly on its 20GB package.

While this is resoundingly positive news for heavy data users, the breakout isn’t as kind to infrequent users who. As James Vincent describes the situation, “It’s hard out there for people who just want a trickle of data, rather than a flood.”


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