The Rise of Esports

Posted Nov 6, 2018

Did you know there are over 2.2 billion (with a b!) active gamers across the globe? As the number of gamers increases, so is the number of esports fans, and Business Insider has a thing or two to say about the topic. According to BI, the number of esports fans is predicted to increase 59%…

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Skillz Pub Spotlight Header

Publisher Spotlight: Skillz

Posted Oct 26, 2018

It should come as no surprise that esports are a big thing. It’s also a huge growing component of mobile gaming as well! At the forefront of that growth is Skillz, the leader in mobile esports that connects the world’s 2.6 billion mobile gamers through competition. Skillz changes the way competition happens on mobile devices…

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Mobile Monday: Arcades and eSports

Posted Jul 20, 2015

In this edition of Mobile Monday, we’re taking a look at arcade games reinventing themselves for mobile and how one mobile title is making the push to become an eSport. Specifically, we’re covering Pac-Man Bounce, Dave & Busters for mobile, and the competitive future of Vainglory. Pac-Man Goes Mobile Games publisher BANDAI NAMCO recently released a…

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