Mobile Gaming in Turkey Under the Microscope

Posted Jul 18, 2017

What can mobile consumer sentiment and behaviors in one bustling market illuminate about global trends? To find out, the AdColony team partnered with Nielsen to conduct a survey of mobile gamers and mobile gaming habits, and the results reaffirm the global trend across mobile: mobile gaming is a demographically diverse audience that continues to expand…

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Nielsen’s Mobile OCR: This Could Be an Industry Game-Changer

Posted Aug 11, 2014

Nielsen’s Mobile OCR: This Could Be a Mobile Ad Industry Game-Changer For years, brands have used Nielsen ratings to understand the demographics of who’s watching what (and who’s seeing their ads). If a 50-year-old Man in Nebraska tunes into Burn Notice every Friday night, theoretically, Nielsen knows. The same goes for the 22-year-old female watching The Real Housewives of New…

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