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Understanding Gen Z and Their Smartphones

Posted Apr 30, 2019

Brands have spent the past several years focused on millennials but the spotlight is starting to shine on Generation Z. As the first digitally native generation, constant innovation in technology has prompted those born between 1997-2012 to develop its own behaviors and preferences very different from previous age groups. With overall spending of almost $100…

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FIFA World Cup & Digital Ad Spending

Posted Jul 10, 2018

Every four years, soccer fans across the globe gather together to watch the FIFA World Cup. Alarms are set earlier and schedules are rearranged to make sure no single moment is missed in the biggest sports celebrations in the world. This week, we’ll watch France and Belgium, along with Croatia and England, go head-to-head, with…

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WiFi to the Rescue as Mobile Usage Surges

Posted Feb 16, 2016

It’s no surprise that mobile usage has been increasing year over year. In fact, a recent Cisco Visual Networking Index report found that usage grew 75% in 2015 and will increase eightfold over the next 5 years. Based on these projections, mobile data usage will grow 67.6% in 2016 and will experience a 53% CAGR…

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